S-TILE IT! Innovation for Smart Change

Plastic recycling is necessary to reduce its entry into the ocean.
This post is an interesting story about Indian entrepreneurs recycling plastics and construction waste.
Sharang Ambadkar & Varad Tole produced tiles from plastic and demolition tiles. Heat resistance up to 150 ° C, skid-proof
design and recycle power up to 3 times!
These features add value to innovation and open up endless opportunities!

With 7 Indigenous Global Players and Active Collaborations, Can We Put An End to India’s Sanitary Waste Crisis?

The Sanitary Waste Management is the crucial and sensitive issue in India. This post focuses on presenting a landscape of solutions and including most valued opinions from builders, architects, interior designers.

Manufacturers mentioned are Ontrack Enterprises, Glolifecare Equipments P Ltd, Global Engi-Tech Pvt. Ltd., @EVA TRADERS PRIVATE LIMITED, ER VENTURE LTD, @Bionics Scientific Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Royal Tech Engineering, ENDLOS®, Sanmak India and more.