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There are many pressing issues of sustainability, circular economy, stakeholder collaboration, policy reforms. Stakeholder awareness is currently a stranded loop in the success of every performance point.

India, being the most diverse country, has its own benefits. Post pandemic economy recovery is going to be innovation-driven at the same time will be inclusive in its approach. Focus on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals has started the thought process leading to policy-driven action. In the coming years, if planned properly, India can offer tremendous opportunities for growth in many sectors.

Moving towards the 5 trillion dollar dream, at the same time maintaining the balance between 3 pillars of sustainability, namely economic, environmental, and social, becomes a topmost priority. Looking at the vibrant markets with spurring technologies, there is a need to think out of the box and increase sectoral coherence.

This blog highlights the gaps and improvement opportunities that can be openly discussed in a collaborative environment.


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