India, being the most diverse country, needs innovative strategies for implementing United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) in national planning. Post pandemic economy recovery is going to be innovation-driven at the same time will be inclusive in its approach. The UN SDGs have started a thought process that is leading to action-oriented policies. For example, in India, the thought process is changing. In the coming years, if all the stakeholders make the right decisions, there is a tremendous opportunity for growth in several sectors of the economy: Agriculture, Housing and Urban Development, Education and Healthcare, Life Sciences, Energy, Environment and Infrastructure, Waste management and so on.

Moving towards the 5 trillion dollar dream, at the same time maintaining the balance between, it is crucial for everybody to maintain a focus on sustainability for the overall wellbeing of society. There are three main pillars of this concept. The first, economic, focus on how you can use your knowledge and expertise to design sustainable solutions for your business and maintain profitability at the same time. The second is environmental because it’s important to understand the impact your work will have on the environment. And finally, there’s social, when you work with stakeholders. These 3 pillars become the topmost priority. Looking at the vibrant markets with spurring technologies, there is a need to think out of the box and increase sectoral coherence.

It is crucial for leadership to understand every stakeholder’s point of view and get them involved in the decision-making process when solving a problem. By doing so actively, they can provide a chance for fair discussion and feedback, where people feel heard and understood. This will ensure better decisions are being made.

This is an attempt to provoke a thought process for everyone to learn the best practices for achieving synergies, peace, and prosperity.

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