Welcome to my blog!

I am Mrs. Amaraja Kulkarni, Microbiologist, consultant, and science enthusiast.

The beauty of “wh” type questions, do motivate me to find out what technology or science is used by the researchers or companies to create amazing products and solutions. There are several “wh” questions that I am personally seeking answers for the Sustainable Development.

I actively pursue environment and I love reading about SDGs. I am a firm believer that India can set examples in many aspects and we should try to do this at our maximum level.

In India, some limited bloggers actually describe the product, innovation, concept, and bridge the gap.  So I thought to give it a chance.

Reading for myself might benefit others to innovate something amazing. It will be possible to inculcate new problem-solving technologies as our habit, open new opportunities and provide a new approach.

During these years of experience, I am watching the vibrant market full of opportunities, and groundbreaking solutions which are amazing. Since then wanted them to popularize and disseminate to the larger audience and have some impact.

Thank you so much for your support!



Here I have tried to answer two questions that my blog visitors and subscribers were asking me!