Me and My Aspirations

I am Mrs. Amaraja Kulkarni, Microbiologist, consultant, and sustainability enthusiast.

The beauty of “wh” type questions, motivates me to find out what the researchers or companies use as technology or science to create amazing products and solutions. There are several “wh” questions that I am seeking answers regarding the implementation of United Nations Sustainable Goals.

I had deep roots in nature since my childhood in a suburban town in India. An article regarding soil bio-fertilizers sparked my curiosity about microbial interactions. I earned my Bachelor’s degree with Distinction in Industrial Microbiology, learning the beneficial aspects of microbial systems. I completed a master’s degree in microbiology with a focus on Environmental and Experimental Microbiology and stood Second in the University. My initial career involved Wet Lab jobs, applying theoretical knowledge to practical outcomes. This includes enzyme fermentation at a large scale, rDNA techniques, and DNA sequencing.

Currently, I work with SPRIM LLC, a boutique consultancy firm, and ObvioHealth, a digital health organization providing real-world digital clinical trials that help businesses with all the secondary data research and backend work. While doing this, I have gained robust knowledge about the life science sector and markets.

My interest in nature has been further focused on sustainability issues since the beginning of my post-graduate work. I am following progress on the UN SDGs since they were ratified in 2015. I have completed e-Learning courses including Resource Efficiency, Integration of SDGs into National Planning offered by UN-ESCAP, and Youth and SDGs offered by UNITAR; and continually updating my knowledge. I am currently a candidate with the SHERPA Institute Advanced Placement CISR Certified Expert – Innovation Specialist Hybrid program.

I actively pursue environment, and I love reading about SDGs. I am a firm believer that India can set examples in many aspects and we should try to do this at our maximum level.

I also volunteer with Policy Advocacy Research Centre (PARC), India. Thanks to the management for giving me the chance to author a comprehensive report on solid waste management in India, titled “WARSA” (meaning inheritance in some Indian languages) an acronym of “Waste As Resource by changing Stakeholder’s Approach”!

I started a blog with the thought that reading for myself might benefit others to innovate something amazing. It will be possible to inculcate new problem-solving technologies as our habit, open new opportunities, and provide a novel approach to solving existing problems.

During these years of experience, I am watching the vibrant market full of opportunities and amazing groundbreaking solutions. So excited to see how India manages post-COVID recovery through technological advancements and integrating SDGs into the national planning!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blogs!


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