Much needed innovative sterilization solutions for the post lockdown scenario.

Hi All,

Recently, I was contributing to the ISRC (Indian Scientists Response to COVID 19) Group. We brainstormed a serious problem of proper methods for mask disposal. To address the issue, we came up with the proposal for the Government, currently displayed on the ISRC website.  I was also honored to express this work in a short interview for Marathi Newspaper.

While building up the ISRC document, I was completely unaware of smart moves taken by visionaries, and a few developments that were being proposed, not only regarding masks but also for covering major upcoming hurdles.

Then, I came across the Indian startup, Enspark System Private Ltd., founded in 2016, located at Pujapura, Trivandrum, Kerala. This company is being incubated.

In association with Heatray Solar Pvt Ltd. located in Mumbai, the company has proposed the “Corona Virus Sterilization Chamber”.

This proposed system utilizes abundantly available solar heat, which is collected by approx. 3 sq.mts. size collectors, ideally located near the sterilization chambers. Hot water at 90ºC will be stored in the storage tank of 200 liters, which is then pumped to the heat exchanger which ensures the inside temperature of 60-65ºC. The equipment comes with the timer buzzer for 45 minutes. The complete system along with the sterilization chamber currently costs Rs 60000/- to 75000/-.

Mr. Vijayan, Managing partner, Enspark System Private Ltd. said “This system is based on the WHO report on effect of temperature on SARSCov2 . We are currently targeting public places like factory environments, large offices, malls, etc, where management wants to provide a safe working environment for their workers. When railways are restarting operations  Solar thermal sterisation system  at common locations will be ideal for sterilizing linen etc. . With no  monthly recurring costs the system will promote  and popularise Energy conservation in the country “

Temperature based Sterilisation has certain advantages over UV based sterilization and certain limitations like time, space, etc.

WHO is also promoting Solar Autoclaves and one of the collaborators of Enspark System is currently exploring the manufacturing of this instrument.

Mr. Vijayan an Electronics Engineer with 30 years of Industrial experience  further added that ” Our company is in touch with US patentee for management of the  SARSCov2  aerosols spreading  in indoor spaces like hospitals,  Hotels and Shopping malls.

For aspiring minds, there is the scope of innovation!

For professionals, there is a tremendous opportunity!

I would like to mention that, it was a very nice and friendly communication with Mr. Vijayan. If you would like to be in touch with him for further inquiry,  his contact details are

  • Tel:- 0471 2343915
  • Primary Mobile:- 9895685915
  • Secondary Mobile:- 7034703915
  • skype:-  Vijayan.tvm2

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6 thoughts on “Much needed innovative sterilization solutions for the post lockdown scenario.

    1. These sterilization solutions must be tested for their long term impact on
      human health and environment


      1. Temperature Sterilization is for any materials like Currency, Coins, Factory Tools, and ideal for bed linen in Railways and such places. The coronavirus gets killed at 60 Deg C. There is no other effect on health or environments.
        What you are saying is True for UV sterilization which is being used in many places now. UV sources may cause virus mutation and its long term effect needs to be studied. I leave it for experts in the filed to comment further


  1. This is an age of information explosion. Covid19 has further strengthened and hastened this process of knowledge explosion, @Amaraja I wish you all the best in your efforts to locate the pearls in this ocean, and presenting them for the benefit of community .

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