Can Smart Professionals and Citizens Help MAKING Smart Cities?

Hi all,

I am so excited about the idea of smart cities. I have the perfect picture of the dream cities working efficiently on each aspect, for instance, technology, mobility, security, education, living, environment, economy, etc.

While understanding the research done so far, reports, news articles published in this area I noticed that they talk about the smart city key aspects along with their implementation by the Government.

While talking about this issue with Mr. Suhas Kulkarni, who has worked on smart city projects I could realize better. He explained there are two major constituents. First is smart infrastructure such as roads, parks, open spaces, recreation centers, safe drinking water, solid waste management, and so on. Second is smart IT facilities such as CCTV cameras, mobile applications, smart cards, one-click information, one city one card, everything you can do from your smartphone or gadgets.

He stated, “I have worked on a couple of smart cities; our cities are having challenges for implementing such projects except for a few (middle/higher income). A large population is still scrambling for their daily bread-butter & basic living needs. Hence, they are least bothered about smart city offerings. In India, we have not yet done with the first part, and so the second part is out of the question.”

The Government can build smart cities, but, we need smart citizens and professionals to make cities smart. Here are facts about Smart City Vision India.

Understanding the impact on Indian citizens, I become resolute to find the areas of how we as Indian citizens can help towards the making. I am trying to answer the question of How?

Today the ground reality of the smart city projects is far different from the mental imagery. Most public spaces have encroached including suburban local stations, bus stations, etc. With a farming population as well as traffic, the current road infrastructure is unable to cope up. One can guess what will happen in the coming 10 years.

The active collaboration with the NGOs, solution providers, along with committed population will make a substantial difference. Small steps towards the same goal can lead to making sustainable choices, smart engagements for a safer environment.

I have seen positive vibes coming from waste management, recycling, reuse the material which all lead to a sustainable environment. Despite current situations, I am hopeful that together we can accomplish the goal.

I consider this as an opportunity to improve. I can look up to new partnerships, fundings, spurring startups, and tremendous learning.

Again, I keep this post open for everybody to share perspectives.

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