Thinking Green Business? Think About GREENERY Everywhere!

Hi Everyone,

I was looking at sustainability as a whole subject earlier, but there is a lot more than just products/ technologies. While tagging anything SUSTAINABLE, the company or brand must think of the entire product life-cycle.

One should agree on the fact that all products and services require the extraction of natural resources in some or the other way and cause the release of wastes and emissions; both these activities are almost certain to affect the natural environment adversely.

I feel we are currently only focusing on two points, first the impact at the production and second at the end of the life cycle. Do you think we need tallying throughout the process?

The trick here is not to think about a single product; that can be labeled green and call a product green if it scores high in this entire process. This way, bio-based materials (such as clothes made from natural fibers), products with recycled content, and hybrid cars are labeled green products even without genuine analysis.

Think about few well known publicly disclosed examples, If a compostable coffee cup can not be composted at home, if your sustainable product comes with the heavy thermocol and plastic bubble wraps package, Isn’t it is just like choosing a less dangerous demon?

So for those coming up with innovative green ideas, please start to think for the business at least 20 years after you take this initiative. A business model is only sustainable when it’s reducing the overall environmental impact throughout the life-cycle of the product.

Here are some pointers, for those manufacture following products revisit the business model.

With the growing environmental literacy of customers, policymakers, investors, and competitors, the public will increasingly think about green claims. Most companies do not share complete lifecycle case studies in India. Once this starts happening, we will be able to see the change in drift and faster CAGR for the term sustainability.

It depends on the intent of both manufacturer and consumer, and I am experiencing many good vibes here!

Think about brand loyalty and consumer preference for truly sustainable products. So thinking green applies to selling products, changing business models, developing new business segments, and any other business activity, and it focuses attention on the actual source of environmental impact reduction.

Please keep thinking about GREENERY when you design any SUSTAINABLE business model!

Good Luck! Stay Safe!


Here is again light reading resources for those who are seriously looking this as an opportunity!

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