Dignify Sanitation Workers with NAMO’s HANDS

Have you ever observed the work nature of the sanitation workers and felt the pain in your heart? Do you know who is the worker that cleans your society? Have you ever thought about their absence of services due to ill health? When PM cleaned the Mamallapuram beach with bare hands, beyond all other things, did we introspect? Mr. Sudheer Barve, an Engineer in the UK decided to design a product that will help minimize the risk of working with bare hands. Think about how we can work for the betterment of society and the nation within our capacity.

Fact-Based Worldview What Is That?

Would you like to challenge your worldview at the beginning of the decade? Refer to reliable real-world data turned into outstanding, interactive visualizations? What data stories can we tell when we can see the data come to life? How does one country compare to another? What are the impacts of global events on development factors? Is there any tool or organization that busts the common misconceptions? Here is a tool that will lead you to the fact-based worldview.