Anti-Viral Textile Innovation- Indigenous Companies Should Aim Higher..

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COVID 19 has provoked everybody to reconsider everything, find new ways, find new arrangements, and advance to tackle this pandemic emergency.

There is a research paper that studied 32 texture material and tried the efficacy. Of the 32 fabric materials tried, three of the five best at blocking particles were 100% cotton. The testing showed that additional layers could improve cotton’s efficacy significantly. So, the most ideal decision 100% COTTON for normal use!

Would we be able to get additional protection?

The textile industry has served us by increasing production capacities of masks, linens, sheets, and PPE kits. Some organizations, pick an alternate method to think and enhance the PRODUCT or SOLUTION which causes them to stand apart from the group.

A company called Swasti Agro And Biproducts Pvt. Ltd., in Pune, has a proprietary chitosan derivative re-purposed for mask coating. These coated masks absorb and kill the viruses. They propose to make a concentrated derivative solution stable at room temperature. Diluted mixture (75 X) used to dip any fabric on which the material gets coated. The technology is best suitable for low cost/ homemade masks. They are targeting CMC, AIIMs, the local health department. Their price is Rs. 300 per pack.

Ecoscience Innovation Pvt. Ltd., a Pune based company in collaborative product development project with School of Nanoscience and Technology, Shivaji University, Kolhapur, developed Virus Kavach Fabric Technology. Upon testing in BSL4 lab for it’s antiviral properties, the efficacy is 99.99+% of SARS-CoV-2. This is a spray. Once dried this provides protective shield until washed.

The subsequent organization is Myra Enterprise, an Indian product development company. Their innovative product is chemically treated non-woven fabric. In the ICMR guided testing lab, it proved effective against SARS-Cov-2/ COVID 19 with >99.95% reduction of virulence within 5 minutes of exposure to the virus, via ISO18184 testing method. Viral filtration efficacy is over 98% against SARS-CoV-2 tested using ASTM F2101.

See how it works.

Mr. Puneet Malpani from Myra Enterprise said, ” When we touch the mask from the outside our hands get contaminated with the virus, and we contaminate everything that we touch spreading it to other regions. Then, how to control the spread even after wearing a mask & maintaining social distancing. We need to kill the virus at the surface of the mask itself to prevent it from spreading. So, we came up with this solution.”

Another innovative company e-nnovation Life Sciences, making export quality, medicated, breathable fabric PPE kits which will help doctors and paramedics to avoid sweating trouble. Here is a small video the Founder and CEO Mr. Sarvendra Singh has made.

The list is just started!

In 2013, Department of Fashion Technology published research for developing antiviral surgical gown using non-woven fabrics for health care sector. Banglore scientists have developed the coating that prevents binding of the virus to the cloth, Muse Wearables is working on nano-coating spray and nano-coated fabric in collaboration with IIT Madras. IIT Guwahati researchers developed affordable antiviral spray-based coating for PPE. IIT Delhi, NUFAB, has developed the breathable fabric for PPE coverall.

I was curious, what other countries are doing and found Waterproof Breathable Textile Market report ready with the 2026 forecast!

The antimicrobial/ antiviral textile market will gain fierce competition with all the companies trying to innovate and finding solutions. Where does India Stand?

Have a look at the following data.

Summary of the Indian Textile Happenings in Last few months

CompanyOfferingsPartnerBrand/ Fabric NameTechnology
RSWMPremium segment under Mayur BrandHeiQ Materials AG ViroSecureViroblock
DonearPerformance FabricsHeiQ Materials AG
Neo Tech
NANEO TECH and Viroblock 
Arvind Ltd.Suiting, Shirtiting, masksHeiQ Materials AG
Jintex Corporation
Loyal Textile MillsReusable PPE, Masks, Fashion WearHeiQ Materials AG
Reliance Industries
R|Elan TM FeelFreshViroblock
KG DenimHospitals, Schools, Canteen, Food PackagingDeveloped InhouseBioRefreshSmart Technology (patent in process)
Shiva TexyarnPPE fabric, Coverall and MasksHeiQ Materials AG
Jintex Corporation
Welspun India LtdHome LinensHealthGuard CorporationNAAMIC 
Laxmipati Industries
Sari, Kurties, LehengaNASurti SariNA
Siyaram’sMen’s RangeHealthGuard CorporationAnti-Corona fabricAMIC
Morarjee Textiles Ltd.Pirnt, Dyed and YarnsHealthGuard CorporationViroShieldAMIC
Vardhman Multiple rangeHealthGuard CorporationTravel ShieldAMIC
Chiripal Group
Denim and Terry TowelsNANANA
D’DecorHome DecorHeiQ Materials AGViroGuard
Indian Companies Recently Entering In Antimicrobial/ Antiviral Textile Offerings

Having presence in antimicrobial fabrics since 2011, Surgicot Textiles Ltd has seen increase in order since the pandemic onset.

Along with HeiQ and HealthGuard there is one more technology competitor Polygiene, which has raised expectations with ViralOff technology.

Indian Textile Chemicals and Technology Start-ups- Market is waiting for your solutions!

Testing Laboratories- Gear up testing capacities a wave is coming!

Here is a new information to share, a new study suggests PPE made with electroceutical fabric may provide better protection against COVID-19. This research was done by a team of researchers at the Indiana Center for Regenerative Medicine & Engineering, and the Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics, Indiana University School of Medicine, US. The study is in the pre-print stage and not peer reviewed. Here is a fact check.

Follow the blog for yet another interesting story next week!

Stay Safe!


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