Eureka! I found demonetized money in a beautiful form!

Hi All,

I still remember the evening of November 8th of 2016. PM Narendra Modi made a surprise evening television appearance to announce that, starting at midnight, the nation’s 500-rupee and 1,000-rupee will not be considered as the legal tender.

The first question that came to my mind was, What is RBI going to do with the circulating currency?

Did anybody wonder what happened to the currency? I continued my searches as an when the thought popped up. The searches did result in some vague articles like India Today, My India, Hindustan Times, Eco Ideas, Financial Express etc.

I’ve been following the great personality, Vishnu Vardhaan on Linkedin since October 2019. He is Sustainability, Circular Economy Consultant & Climate Change Co-Founder and CEO of Cercle and Pepaa.

His profile is full of tales of achievement! He has impressive achievements and creative ways to drive brands to zero waste. One such post caught my attention as I’ve been hunting for it! So, I thought I should let everyone know about it.

RBI (Reserve Bank of India) had come to them with a very unique question. They named it ‘The Demonization Effect.’ They had loads of currency notes shredded!

RBI was looking for innovative ways to recycle them and approached Pepaa and introduced the challenge of creating something new with shredded currency notes.

Peppa took up the opportunity and did something amazing!

Would you know what it is?

Not only did they make sustainable products, but they also made pencils, thank you cards, wristbands, packaging boxes, and Plantable calendars!

His crew is amazingly solving the problem of the paper and textile waste.  They are partnering with the world’s biggest brands and responsible individuals to collect paper and textile-based waste. They convert them into sustainable stationery and packaging – thereby diverting thousands of pounds of post-consumer waste from landfills and incinerators each month.

They do have amazing Plantable solutions in their product portfolio.

Pictures From online shop

Will you choose Ganesha that grows into spinach?

Will you prefer Rakhi with seed balls which will turn into plants?

What really impressed me is the engagement Peppa has achieved during all these years.

Check out your corporate branding and innovative ideas with him!

Follow the blog for yet another interesting story next week!

Stay Safe!


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