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Hi all,

Exactly two years ago, I had a potential fight with Kabadiwala, who usually takes all the scrap from my society. I had theoretically segregated all the waste. He was refusing to take restaurant plastic boxes, milk packets, and chips wrappings. Initially, I tried to explain to him in the layman’s language, which ended up with half an hour of heated discussion. My family, especially kids, were looking at me and my helplessness and also my surrender to this system.

I stopped the discussion and didn’t say a single word after that. But since then, I couldn’t stop my curiosity.

There are many technologies, intellectual capital, expertise available in the plastics recycling market. The main problem that remains unsolved to date is Source Segregation. If it is not segregated properly, then it becomes dirty and cannot be recycled. 

I found a bootstrapped startup, Ekatvam Services Private Limited, with the trade name Plastic Recycling Services, trying to solve the plastic problem.

The Founder, Sukhjeet Singh, has worked at various conglomerates such as Tata Group; Vodafone; Kotak; Cholamandalam, etc. After working in different verticals for 25 years, Sukhjeet found his calling in the social sector as an attempt to make a difference to the environment.

Ekatvam offers interlinked solutions to address the problem of source segregation after a lot of research and field visits.

  • Bulk pickup of Plastic Waste and used corrugated boxes
  • EPR Compliance for Brands
  • CSR Interventions compliance
  • Waste Management Solutions for housing societies to get tax rebates
  • CPCB compliance service of bulk pickup as it is 100% auditable.
  • The process fully complies with track & trace eg. Eway bills & GPS tracking of vehicles

Amazing! I found what I needed.

The waste collected from client premises gets collected in the center or sent directly to the MPCB – Maharashtra Pollution Control Board APPROVED Plastic or Paper Recycling Facility. This ensures that all waste is processed as per pollution norms and formalization of the recycling industry is supported.

SWaCH is also a company doing a very nice job in Pune, Maharashtra. There are few companies that I searched for work in a similar space, located in different states of India. 

Mr. Sukhjeet Singh said, “Plastic waste produced in any factory, malls, restaurants, large residential housing companies is a waste of any sort. A mix of all 7 grades of plastic waste. Various grades are PET, LDPE, HDPE, PVC, PP, PS & Others. The plastic recycling facility has one material grade-specific machine. It is inappropriate to handle the bulk content of mixed grades. Certain grades of plastic, such as PVC, other than chips packaging or MLP, are sent to a cement factory for co-processing. “

Regarding the future, he said, ” This has to be collaborative effort along with the Government. Ekatvam is ensuring this collaboration with formal and informal sectors. I will welcome any new opportunity for sustainable goals.”

If you are following blog posts, I have so far covered REMOVE, REDUCE, RECYCLE. I will be revisiting these sections more often.

Now I am becoming more determined to write about this. 

Stakeholders, please come together to crack this puzzle!

Follow the blog for yet another interesting story next week.

Stay Safe! Take Care!


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