Not to BAN, But to PLAN- Says Prof. R. Vasudevan. The Question is HOW?

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The history of plastic roads in India can not complete without Prof. R. Vasudevan ‘s name. He is working as Dean of Thiagarajar Engineering College, Madurai. He was the most discussed man in all media and news mentions in 2017, after receiving the 2015 Tech Icon award and Padma Shri Award.

When I completed the interview, my mind-set in the direction of plastic waste administration has changed 360 degrees.

Plastic being useful material for the preservation of goods and component of every product, it’s a fact that we can’t live without plastic. In the pandemic situation, it is a boon to save lives in the form of PPE kits, gloves, and shields.

The serious trouble Prof. R. Vasudevan underlined was, ” Plastic is our little companion. However, after using the plastics, we act recklessly. We direct this great source to landfill and overlook our responsibility towards the country.”

The materials like stones, metals never decompose. We’ve built meaningful ways to incorporate everything from architecture to ornaments into our everyday lives. In the same way, we can incorporate plastic as the main tool in many structural elements of construction projects.

Super benefits of plastic roads are

  1. Reduces 15 years of maintenance costs.
  2. Provides splendid shape and solidness over normal tar streets, in low and excessive temperatures also.
  3. This method spares exorbitant bitumen!
  4. Provides an eco-friendly solution.
  5. Resolves the present day plastic issue.
  6. Helps the financial system speed up with road infrastructure.

Now look at the statistics!

India has the following road network according to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways Transport Research Wing.

The innovation created by Prof. R Vasudevan uses 1-ton plastics for 1-kilometer single path street which comes to approximate 10 lakhs carry bags. The calculation leads us to 1,17,95,342 tons of plastic for two lanes. Amazing isn’t it?

Being a loyalist and patriot himself, Prof. R. Vasudevan emphasizes individual responsibility towards society and the nation. It was a pleasing surprise to discover the man behind Reliance Industries checking out the plastic street idea. 

We discussed stakeholders involved and after reviewing many articles here is the list of essential stakeholders in India who can assist and play a major role in bridging the gap.

This is the time to incorporate one more habit of recycling to our daily life, think beyond personal and monetary interests, and start paying our duties towards our nation.

Collaborations and active discussions will lead to solutions for managing collection of the clean plastic waste at the source.  

Together we can save precious plastic going into the trash, and rebuild our nation with pride.

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