Roll a Road! Towards Sustainability..

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We all love to travel, explore the world around us. We make observations, sometimes speak about them, but most of the time we ignore it. One such observation in my list is ROADS.

Looking at the current road conditions and the plastic waste problem increasing  at the same level, can we hope that there is a combined solution that helps mitigate both the crisis?

The entire world is seeking solutions to mitigate the plastic waste problem, and few countries have started using the plastics in rolling the roads of the country for a sustainable future.

I read the following articles exploring the global efforts, UK-based company MacReber, which has paved roads throughout its home country and in Australia. French company Vinci has built the world’s first stretch of motorway made entirely from recycled road materials. Shisalanga Construction became the first company in South Africa to lay a section of road that’s partly plastic, in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) province on the east coast. Indonesia also organized to turn waste into road tar in 2017.

I started digging further into the current scenario in India. With no surprise, I found numerous references to such innovative trials done in India.

Mr. Govind Singh Chauhan, Assistant Professor, Dept. Of Civil Engineering
Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Madhav University has written an authentic, informative article about the plastic roads, covers manufacturing process, pros and cons.

Here is the gross journey of India on plastic roads.

Note:- This is purely based on the news articles published in the year. I have tried to cover and highlight maximum that I could.

I tried to reach a few Indian companies in India. The first to respond was KK plastic waste management Ltd, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Two Brothers, Ahmed Khan & Rasool Khan, developed the idea of eradicating plastic waste menace in the year 1996. They decided to use this waste plastic in road building. Their patented process is authenticated by CRRI, Center for Road Research Institute, and Bangalore University.

As of now since 2002, their idea covered 5000 km road, which utilized around 12,000 tons of discarded plastic waste collected through school rag pickers and apartments.

Their journey is featured on CNN IBN, National Geography, BBC, Business World & New York Times. Nonetheless, the Government, the local authorities, and the contractors, the real end-users of the facilities are all neutral.

Ahmed Khan, Managing Director, KK Plastic Waste Management Ltd said, ” There is tremendous potential to the idea. We now have a fully functioning industrial set up complying with all the norms. The model to be successful should also have to be economically viable. The Government and local body support create a huge impact on the implementation. That is precisely what we are looking for.”

One can realize that with this timeline, the condition of the Indian roads should be world-class. Then what is taking this on backfoot?

The answer we all know in the back of mind is the word ECONOMICS. In addition to this, I would like to add one more word MINDSET.

Is it possible for us to make smart choices of the triple longevity of roads, lower maintenance costs over the plastic pollution problem, and current road conditions? Is this the time to get personally involved to seek the reforms we need? When will India ‘ awake’ and start supporting the correct solutions?

The day will surely come, when we start thinking about nation beyond politics, beyond personal interest, beyond monetary gains, beyond religions.

The next post covers illuminating thoughts from the eminent scientist, awarded  Padma Shri,  Prof. R. Vasudevan, who gave his patent,  process to  the country free of charge.

Follow the blog to explore the journey toward sustainable roads, and how smart Indian Citizens contribute to achieving success.

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PS: If anyone is interested in the PDF version of the infographic, Please feel free to contact me. In the PDF version you will be able to open the links in infographic.

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