S-TILE IT! Innovation for Smart Change

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I mentioned 3 factors of the plastic waste management hierarchy in the preceding post.

The next element we will be discussing is recycling.

I was looking for innovative solutions that could change the future. My search ended up at FeelGood Econurture LLP, which is still under process with MCA. This is the journey of Mr. Sharang Ambadkar & Mr. Varad Tole.  

Mr. Sharang had been looking from day one for a commercially viable product. He started experimenting with that idea after his first failed in-house startup in the struggling phase. 

He met Mr. Varad Tole, also a member of the social activity, while working with a social group to give Diwali sweets to soldiers in Kashmir and Leh, and insisted on recyclable packaging. Bearing in mind the oily nature, it was not possible to keep them intact without plastic. They resealed the packets to reduce the plastic ‘from going’ to places where plastic recycling facilities are ‘unavailable’ and these states have very little awareness about recycling. Mr. Sharang collected clean plastic waste, and Mr. Varad became interested in what he was up to. The idea of creating tiles came up to them both.

These great minds created the prototype first, and then researched in-depth!

Starting their journey with the oven at home, they now have a streamlined manufacturing process.

The idea was already present in the world and they realized they needed to do something special to make it more sustainable.

So they extended their vision of plastic recycling to include Construction & Demolition Waste, which was produced in enormous quantities in developing countries like India. Mainly in cities like Mumbai, where construction never stops!

While doing market research, they received a response from a few builders they knew personally. They are interested in trying out their tiles. MCGM is even interested in doing pilot work with them. Testing Center technicians were greatly impressed with the characteristics of their product, and even more so by the fact that they are IT and electronic engineers! 

Heat resistance up to 150 °C, skid-proof nature, and re-recyclable capacity up to 3 times! These features add value to innovation and open up endless possibilities!

I asked him a few key questions. 

First, What are the challenges that the company faces when it comes to popularizing science and technology?

In response to this question, Mr. Sharang said, “Initially, our first product was made from an OTG oven and a hand-pressed wooden mold to compress the molten plastic producing plastic tile. So there are challenges on how to scale it up, but nothing, as such, that can’t be done with the current technology available around us, is just how to use the machines to our advantage.” 

Second, As a company, do you think you need support from the government? If yes, in what format?

He further added that “If the Government tries to support the use of such sustainable tiles and paver blocks instead of concrete building paver blocks, for example, in massive construction projects such as the dream Mumbai Metro project, which will encourage a sense of respect and pride for every Mumbaikar and all Environment loving people in society to support and be part of the change of a better tomorrow.”

Their venture has a vision of two of the main objectives.

Section 3 subsection (ii) of the Special Part II Gazette of India The rules of the Waste Generator, which stipulates the duties of each waste generator, must be maintained, whether plastic or construction waste, which must be treated before disposal in Landfill. 

On a global scale, they support and work towards the UN Sustainable Development Goal 2030. Specifically, the 9th Goal, and more specifically, 9.4 which states Upgrade infrastructure and retrofit industries by 2030 to make them sustainable, more efficient in the use of resources and cleaner and environmentally sound.

Mainly the Civil Sector will benefit from the patent-pending innovation. All the members of the Civil Industry, including Builders, Contractors, and Building Material Manufacturers, are the main players utilizing this technology.

They have received a lot of collaborative inquiries which only inspire them to continue doing this.

We need to start adopting such innovative solutions to make cities smart as I mentioned in my post earlier.

Many such innovations seek public awareness as well as stakeholder’s positive attention. 

Together we can build a better future for tomorrow. Here I am just trying to bring all the stakeholders in a single platform.

Follow the blog for yet another interesting, innovative solution!

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