Not to BAN, But to PLAN- Says Prof. R. Vasudevan. The Question is HOW?

Prof. R. Vasudevan, also known as India's "Plastic Man," shared his illuminating views on the plastic road technology in an exclusive 40-minute interview and how we should plan the implementation of the technology. He points out the advantages of road plastics technology. Reading the entire post should give you a snapshot of what needs to be done to achieve a rising sustainable future objective.

S-TILE IT! Innovation for Smart Change

Plastic recycling is necessary to reduce its entry into the ocean. This post is an interesting story about Indian entrepreneurs recycling plastics and construction waste. Sharang Ambadkar & Varad Tole produced tiles from plastic and demolition tiles. Heat resistance up to 150 ° C, skid-proof design and recycle power up to 3 times! These features add value to innovation and open up endless opportunities!