Need Of Solid Measures To Mitigate Solid Waste Problem


I applied to Biomax India 13 years ago and was thrilled by the amazing microorganisms based product portfolio they had. I’m still obsessed with the dimensions that this company has covered.

Name the area and have a solution for it; from bio-fertilizers, foliage fertilizers, spray adjuvants, composting cultures, wastewater treatment solutions, odor control, phytochemicals, to agricultural applications!

I can go on writing about the products and their immense impact on the environment, crops, productivity, and climate change perspective. But today I’m putting it in a unique viewpoint.

While driving a vehicle, besides the roads, we observe one more condition of overflowing garbage bins and the foul smell coming from them. We close our windows but hardly think about the workers who work in that smell. We can’t stand it for 5 minutes, yet they’ve got to work with it.

Can human beings understand the pain of someone else? Can they help them by changing one simple habit of segregating waste?

The change will not happen if we close our eyes, ears, and receptivity. We need to be proactive and start finding solutions to the problem.

Here is a self-explanatory diagram that encourages the process of thought.

India is a tropical/subtropical country, rich in heat and dust. Tropical rain adds to that. Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is therefore difficult compared to countries with a cold climate. People have been tolerant of their environment for centuries. That is the root cause of the lack of awareness of environmental products and projects.

Disposal of food waste or kitchen waste comprising degradable or perishable materials is, therefore, a neglected sector. We all know about the consequences of landfill dumps, the release of GHGs, and global warming.

Aerobic composting of these waste materials does not release methane, preventing contribution to global warming.

Dr. Arun Kulkarni, CEO of BIOMAX INDIA, said, “The apartments have installed the systems for composting of the degradable waste; however, they face the problem of disposal of the fertilizer formed by composting. Not all apartments have adequate garden areas, nor they can find the buyers. Later in the common problem reported by most apartments.”

It all started with UDCT project in Dec 1976. A five-year project, on industrial effluent, led to Ph. D. thesis titled “Use of a microbial system in Pollution control.” Later his company MICROZYME India Pvt. Ltd was supplying imported enzymes for ETP and STP. In 1990 he started his own manufacture.

Having over 44 years of working experience in the field, he further added, “Authorities can further improvise this situation by decentralized processing of city garbage. There is an increasing trend of using multiple technologies for disposal of Municipal Solid Waste.”

There are some nice collaborative suggestions, he added, and I have tried to represent it pictorially.

We also need to find opportunities, so we can encourage WEALTH from WASTE and SAVE the PLANET.

Hope that this initiates the thought process!

This is the ideal example for students pursuing microbiology or industrial microbiology as the primary subject!

Never take your thesis project lightly! Have vision… Think about loopholes…. Try to innovate solutions…REMEMBER microbes can conquer the world!

Follow the blog for yet another interesting story next week!

Stay Safe! And think about how you can help NATURE!



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