We Have Scored 27.6% In An Important Exam…


Here is a look at India’s current position in Environmental Performance Index 2020.

Image Source- https://epi.yale.edu/

Which are the standards EPI assessment took for consideration?

The 2020 EPI Framework.

The framework organizes 32 indicators into 11 issue categories and two policy
objectives, with weights shown at each level as a percentage of the total score.

Look at the country’s performance on each issue, which is currently below the regional average.

Image Source- https://epi.yale.edu/epi-results/2020/country/ind

Do “WE” still have a chance to improve? My answer to this is YES!

How? That’s the debatable question!

Looking at the current trade benefits, India has tremendous opportunities to develop a sustainably efficient ecosystem.

I am deliberately using the term “WE” as Indian Citizens are equally responsible for this score card. Are “WE” positively contributing anything to nation as “FAMILY”? ” WE” need to rethink everything while setting up our economy back to normal.

Tell me your views about the image, and how you look at this? Think about your contributions to society.

Imagine you have got a score of 27.6% what would you do?

I look forward to hearing back!

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Stay Safe!


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2 thoughts on “We Have Scored 27.6% In An Important Exam…

  1. Madam,
    Nice notings, can we bring out
    – a to do list
    1. Immediate to 2 yrs, as we do, plan, improve, do, Deming cycle to follow.
    2. In 2 yrs time
    3. In 2 to 5 yrs time.
    Combine with notings on AS Article.
    Better health in Communities – SDG3..
    w wshs AjtSshdri .


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