India’s Path Towards Sustainable Future..


I discussed EPI rankings in the last post. That is just one part. I have not even mentioned anything about EIA, Biodiversity conservation, SDGs. If you can look at the bigger picture, we have to prove ourselves on each front.

Logically thinking individuals or those who are in the research field understand that the failed experiment gives more answers about what we should not repeat. While working on the particular cloning project for IGIB, I learned the lesson for my lifetime. ‘Experiment failures are caused by overlooking facts, procedural flaws, materials involved, and most important is incompetency to find out what went wrong.’

We need to address certain issues on an individual and technical level critically looking at the situation on the ground.

I’ve mentioned eight questions that cause me discomfort.

Try to write your answers. If you share those, it would be awesome.

You can get your industry-specific answers based on your research and experiences. Answers may include political, global, economic and the list is extensive.

INDIA offers many regional and global opportunities. We need to turn challenges into opportunities that will bring strength and have an impact.

We need to keep sustainability in mind when doing all these things. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned from this pandemic is ‘consequences we will face will have a global impact’. Climate change will not affect just the largest GHG contributor, it will affect everyone on earth.

Whether we directly contribute to the problem, we are the victim of future global things like global warming, imbalance in biodiversity, species extinction, etc. One can not escape from individual responsibility in this crucial phase.

Developing a better future for India not only refers to numerical growth, but we should also make progress at the individual level.

Do you know which is India’s biggest strength? Wisdom among common people, willingness to volunteer, diversity, commitment to work hard, in short PEOPLE.

Do you think that the stakeholder-driven model would give us more environmental impact results? When you compare this with the current value-based working model, what is your opinion?

In addition to this model, I am equally curious to find if 2Cs and 12Rs would be the perfect answer to get rid of 8WH questions.

In my next post, I will address the technology that will help us deal with the current issue of the landfill and serve as a source of income for municipal corporations.

I’m waiting to hear your thoughts about this post.

Stay Safe!


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4 thoughts on “India’s Path Towards Sustainable Future..

  1. Dear Amaraja, thank you very much for sharing your article. It resonates with me as the 6R methodology applied in the INDUSTRY 5.0 environment. Maybe it will help if you look at your project the same way RECOGNISE-RECONSIDER-REALIZE-REDUCE-REUSE. RECYCLE. If you succeed in the first three you save your time because you would not need to realize the last three. It works as one million tons of products that did not become waste.

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  2. Thank you so much, Mr. Michael for sharing your views. Personally following INDUSTRY 5.0 and its principles. We will continue to discuss these things and I will be able to learn so many things from a global leader like you.

    Completely agree with you regarding RECOGNISE-RECONSIDER-REALIZE. I would like to amend the previous statement

    “In addition to this model, I am equally curious to find if 2Cs and 12Rs would be the perfect answer to get rid of 8WH questions.”
    ” In addition to this model, I am equally curious to find if 2Cs and 15Rs would be the perfect answer to get rid of 8WH questions.”




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