Miles Of Landfills to Municipal Income Source!


I discussed the significance of understanding what went wrong in my last post and trying to fix it from scratch. There’s an infinite list of starting points to explore, but I’d like to address landfill problems in India for now.

Is there some way in which acres of landfills can be transformed into substances that can serve as potential raw materials for some industry?

I came across the random LinkedIn post that they’ve got a plan for many wastes. My curiosity leads me to find out more. I contacted Mr. Amardeep Sharma, Founder of Dross Management Systems and Energy Systems Pvt Ltd., and tried to learn the technology behind it and the science.

And here’s my first primary knowledge-based review (Green Energy, Renewable Energy, SWM Experts can take it further from here).

Primary Technology Analysis

Several recent news articles concentrate on COVID19 related biomedical waste disposal that has already reached landfills.

This is the time to concentrate on introducing emerging technology and getting rid of these dumps.

Streamlining or decentralizing waste management is the next challenge. I hope that the Indian Government will take proactive action on SWM in which policy change is inevitable.

Follow the blog for understanding how 2Cs and 15Rs will help stakeholders to move ahead with sustainable solutions irrespective of their particular domain.

Please share your opinions and views regarding SWM management in India and solutions, if any.

Stay Safe!


PS: You can access all the reports and certifications I have received from Mr. Amardeep Sharma, Founder of Dross Management Systems and Energy Systems Pvt Ltd. Here is the link to the folder.

And this is the video.


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