India’s Development With 2Cs And 15Rs Approach


We considered that for the current issue of landfills in India; we had to look for alternatives that could minimize the amount of waste generated, but also provide a source of revenue for municipal corporations.

Now move on to the next strategy to the successful execution of solid waste management techniques across India. It’s just a big picture to aim for.

We’re talking about effective and innovative solutions that already exist in India. Why are they either not popular or being applied efficiently?

The circular economy is likely to replace the current linear business model for each category, including solid waste management by 2029.

Are we prepared for this change to the business model? How effective the transition process will be? What are things that one should consider for this transition?

This pandemic has given us time to reconsider each step we have taken in
the past, learn from the mistakes and move forward with vision and purpose in mind.

I have been reading and keeping notes on similar topics for the last 5 years and things seem to be good on some issues, but there are a lot of stranded loops.

Here’s a brief presentation focused on my findings that will help link all the dots.

Look forward to hearing your transformation story, the difficulties faced and the creative solutions adapted.

Your opinions and views are welcome.

Follow the blog for yet another topic next week!

Stay Safe!


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