Biogas…Gold Income Source For Reviving Economy!

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Today I am going to discuss some of my childhood memories, learnings, and future impact.

When I was 10-12 years old, I used to visit my grandmother’s place. It was a small village in Maharashtra, Harali. The exciting part of the house was there was nothing that they used to spend money with milking cows, biogas plants, fertilizers, backyard gardens for veggie produce own fields that were yielding seasonal crops. I still remember collecting cow dungs and adding that to the biogas plants with a proper proportion of water. The house was only dependent on the market for other grocery materials. My grandmother always used to say, “One biogas plant per house has provided village an income source” She was not very literate but was living the crux of the circular economy. One more point to add, there was a biogas plant in every home having cow shades. Visionary villagers!

I recently had an interaction with a Co-founder at WasteCart, Himanshu Vaijayanti Vivek. His biogas plant is just 11990/- the cheapest I have ever heard. An affordable option for the individual home; turning waste to kitchen gas; saving cylinders for others in need. There are many companies in the market providing such solutions but IMPLEMENTATION is directly DEPENDANT on the MINDSET. The rule should be “SAVING IS EARNING”.

There are many things to understand and align in the efficient adoption of biogas energy. Here are the statistics and the current scenario.

India is currently in the preliminary phase, where it is adopting new sustainable ways of renewable energy. GOI is also supporting all the initiatives by calling out proposals, foreign investments, and funding.

If positively planned, India can set an example in the world for efficiently utilizing the existing technologies and solutions for generating sustainable energy. Some points need the urgent attention of all stakeholders, without which making any optimistic statement will be a dare. I am trying to map out the challenges and opportunities below.

This pandemic has given us a chance to rethink our business models moving ahead; they should involve all stakeholders with a vision of a single goal.

The original planning in the NBMMP involved scientists who tried to create the most efficient biogas generators. This was good, but it slowed people’s abilities to adopt the techniques individually. China, on the other hand, explicitly worked to help their most rural areas create biogas. This allowed the country to spread the development of biogas to the most people with the lowest barriers to its proliferation.

If India can learn from the strategy that China has employed, they may be able to give their biogas production a significant boost which will also help in the rejuvenation of biomass sector in the country. Doing so will require the help and willingness of both the people and the government. Either way, this is an industry with a lot of room for growth.

Undoubtedly the transformation will take time, but the collective effort can turn mountains into heaps. And NOW is the time to take this challenge.

I will wait for your valued feedback and opinions.

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Under the auspices of the Global Methane Initiative, U.S. EPA developed a report, “Market Opportunities for Anaerobic Digestion of Livestock and Agro-Industrial Wastes in India,” to help inform project developers, policymakers, and other interested stakeholders about the potential for biogas capture and use in India!

Have a look at it to understand our value and how other countries think about India.

Here are some links that you might be interested to review

  1. Summit-
  2. India plans to include compressed biogas (CBG) under Priority Sector Lending to provide expedited financial assistance to new projects.
  3. India plans to invest $24 billion to produce 15 million tonnes of compressed biogas from 5,000 plants by 2023, and wants bio-manure, a byproduct, to contribute to the growth of organic farming.
  4. Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Annual Report 2019-20

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3 thoughts on “Biogas…Gold Income Source For Reviving Economy!

  1. Many engineering colleges are eager to contribute to new useful developments. Efforts from different colleges for different points and approaches like
    Reconditioning damaged biogas plants
    Reason and reconditioning of community biogas plants
    Logic to imrove utility if community biogas plant
    And many more may be possible


  2. fantastic post, very informative. I wonder why the other specialists of this sector do not notice this. You should continue your writing. I’m confident, you’ve a huge readers’ base already!


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